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Estate Planning Lawyers

At Liberty Law, we implement and guard the will-maker’s wishes.
We help people distribute their assets as they wish after they’re gone, circumventing
 unnecessary taxes, challenges or claims.

Estate Plans
Testamentary Trusts
Estate Litigation

What can we help you with?

Liberty Law Estate Planning Services

A Service?

Our key services are the preparation of wills, estate plans, and associated documentation. We also help executors defend wills against challenges with estate litigation.


Whether you need a will, testamentary trust, power of attorney or comprehensive estate plan, at Liberty Law we are here to help you research with our  ‘essential knowledge hub’ and ‘deeper knowledge and opportunities hub’.


Are you an accountant, financial planner or estate planning industry professional? If you are interested in collaborating with Liberty Law to develop your estate planning business or to collaborate on an ad hoc basis regarding your client’s needs, follow this link.