Brisbane Based Will, Trust, Estate Planning and Estate Litigation Lawyers Servicing Clients Across Australia

We’ve been helping Australian will-makers’ leave bigger and longer-lasting legacies for over 25 years.

Liberty Law are registered Australian legal practitioners who provide professional planning, advice, and documentation including expertise in asset protection, succession law, superannuation law, trust law, tax law and estate litigation.


Born out of Adams & Ross Lawyers and its predecessor firms (originating in 1995), Liberty Law is the estate planning and testamentary trust arm of the business, focusing on the provision of will-making, estate planning, and estate litigation services to Brisbane and Queensland locals and other Australians.

At Liberty Law, we understand the death of a parent, or other loved one, is a challenging time. We also know well-conceived estate plans leave beneficiaries free to mourn and treasure memories, rather than squabbling and trying to unravel incomplete or ambiguous paperwork that costs chosen beneficiaries their full inheritance down the track.

We can help you if you are a will-maker or planning your estate by ensuring :

  • your wishes are carried out as intended
  • your beneficiaries are protected against challenges
  • your legacy is held in a tax-effective environment, and
  • the likelihood of challenges against your estate is mitigated

We respect your time and need for excellent service. You can expect us to only accept you as a client if we can offer you exceptional value for money.

Liberty Law Estate plans and wills

Tony Pereira is our Legal Practice Director responsible for delivery of services by our legal team.

Ruth Hayden is our Client Service and Business Development Manager responsible for guiding you through our service from start to finish.