What you should expect to invest

The cost of estate planning varies depending on

  1. the complexity of a person’s circumstances and their wishes for the transition of ownership and control of assets, and
  2. which estate planning documents are necessary to implement those wishes.

Some individual documents, forming part of an estate plan, may cost a few hundred dollars. In some cases, that may be all that’s required. However, a more comprehensive plan for a client with substantial assets may cost several thousand dollars to implement.A comprehensive plan generally involves much more than the preparation of a will.

Our free Blueprint session, outlining general information, or our one-hour initial consultation, with specific recommendations applicable to your individual circumstances, enable us to collect necessary information to provide a competitively priced fixed fee proposal relevant to your needs.

We are competitively priced among our professional peers

Legal professionals focused on estate planning, offering skills and knowledge in tax law, succession law, superannuation law, estate litigation and asset protection can’t be compared to the budget will providers. We have deliberately created a competitively priced, value-focused service.

The value of investing in an estate plan

So you can measure the value of our comprehensive estate planning services, we can demonstrate in real terms:

  1. how much money a client’s beneficiaries may save, by avoiding legally avoidable taxes
  2. how hard-earned assets are potentially protected from loss, due to claims by creditors and estranged partners; and
  3. how strategies to mitigate disputes can avoid significant depletion of estate assets arising from estate challenges.

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For examples of how an estate plan could save $100,000’s of dollars over 10 years for your beneficiaries download the examples on this page.

The cost of a comprehensive estate plan is relatively small when compared to the potential saving and protection of assets.