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Legal Practice Director – Tony Pereira will share his insight into relevant and topical issues Estate Litigation cases, Superannuation and the Law and the changing landscape of Estate Planning, Death Taxes and Testamentary Trusts.

How to move past your will-making procrastination and get started

Most people wouldn’t consciously decide to leave a mess for their family to tidy up after they die but a lot of Australians do. About half of Australians die without a valid will. Of those who do have a will many don’t have the associated estate planning documents necessary to control the distribution of superannuation death benefits or insurance payouts or shield nominated beneficiaries from unnecessary taxes or estate challenges Passing away without an up to date, valid and carefully conceived will have dire consequences for your family. It may spark family [...]

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How procrastination could put your beneficiaries at risk

In recent years, many estate challenges like have made media headlines and we have also seen stories about studies containing statistics revealing how many of us don't prepare for one of life’s main events, death. The upshot is only about half of Australians have a valid will when they die. Perhaps more disturbing is that those of us who do have a will often don’t have the relevant estate planning documents required to go along with the will to ensure our wishes will be carried out. Or, we opt for a basic [...]

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