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Will-making traps

There are some fundamental will-making and estate planning traps most Australians aren’t familiar with. Find out how to avoid conflict and grief for those left behind. Watch video  (5 min) or download PDF.

Watch video  (5.26 min)

Will or estate plan?

Find out what you need. Having an up-to-date will is critical, but this important document is just one of the components of an estate plan. Find out if a will is enough to cover your circumstances.

Top 8 will and estate planning mistakes. Solved.

Why attract unnecessary taxes or unwanted claims against your estate? Find out why so many Australians make mistakes. Don’t be one of them.


Maybe you have a basic will or something more sophisticated in mind, or you’re not quite sure yet? We can help you work it out in a 20-minute Free Estate Planning Blueprint Session by Skype or telephone. After the session, we email a report which is yours to keep regardless of whether we are a good fit or not Find out more