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At Liberty Law we focus solely on wills and estate planning, providing tailored advice and the delivery of excellent legal documentation.We also offer estate litigation to defend will-maker’s estate.

For will and estate planning, depending on your requirements, we are available to provide advice and recommendations, prepare specific documents or deliver a full estate plan.

Our priority is to ensure the longevity of your legacy, by delivering solutions that maximise flexibility, asset protection and tax minimisation for your beneficiaries.

Maximising a legacy takes careful planning incorporating knowledge in tax law, estate litigation, succession law, superannuation law, asset protection and trust law.

Our estate litigation services ensure a will-maker’s wishes are respected to the fullest extent permitted by law.

We act for executors in estate litigation matters, to defend the wishes made by a will maker. We do not act for people on the other side trying to challenge a will-maker’s estate.challenge

We offer strategies to lessen the impact of a challenge and aim to make their challenge futile.

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In any buying decision, a rational consumer will seek value for money. The very nature of certain products, that you can touch and feel, makes it easy to compare the quality and features of alternative products. In these circumstances, a consumer can easily make an informed choice and understand what they are getting for their money.

But how do you compare a typical basic will, with a Liberty Law standard quality will. How do you compare a standard quality will with a sophisticated will incorporating testamentary discretionary trusts? What extra value are you getting, if you invest a little more money? View differences here

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